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When Dodo approached us looking for a brand new landing-page we knew we’d need to harness both our technical development expertise and strong design edge to pull off the project. Here’s what we built…



Clean, modern, welcoming, simple. Those were the first words spoken by the client when we asked him what he was looking for in design. The team responded and put together a fantastic product that matched the client’s initial ideas. We used warm colors with an innovative layout to get an easy-to-use site with conversions in its heart.

Final Set Up

Making everything look good in the prototypes is all right, but it is when the life and the soul are inserted into the site that our customers begin to really imagine their product. The development stage here went smoothly and the customer was satisfied with the final results! Fun design, interactive features and a recording process that is quieter browsing.


We are really satisfied with the final result! However, if we are honest with ourselves, the result will be based on user feedback.